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Browsing history

  1. Organizational structure of JSC RZD
  2. Development Prospects
  3. State support to JSC “RZD” in 2012: subsidies, additional contributions to charter capital and influence on performance
  4. State Tariff Policy: New Rules with Regard to JSC “RZD”
  5. Passenger Transportation
  6. Executive Board
  7. Development of the Express and High-Speed Rail Network in Russia
  8. Dividends
  9. Cooperation with International Transport Organizations
  10. Environmental protection and resource saving
  11. Production of Locomotives with Asynchronous Traction Drive
  12. Charity
  13. Corporate Pension Scheme
  14. Improving Energy Efficiency
  15. Improving the Reliability of Infrastructure Facilities
  16. Loading
  17. Youth policy
  18. Key Performance Indicators of JSC “RZD” in 2010-2012
  19. Strategy of Guaranteed Safe and Secure Transportation
  20. Increase in the Transport Service Quality
  21. Personnel Management
  22. Brake Systems Innovation
  23. JSC “Russian Railways” Investment Projects
  24. Information on related party transactions
  25. Key trends of the Holding Company’s development strategy
  26. Strategic Priorities: Transportation and Logistics
  27. The Remuneration System of Members of the Executive Board of JSC “Russian Railways”, Remuneration Principles and Indicators Influencing the Remuneration
  28. Audit Committee
  29. Economic Risks
  30. Improvement of labor conditions – an important factor of the production process safety
  31. Corporate Governance Principles of JSC “Russian Railways”
  32. Industrial Safety
  33. Track Repair Quality
  34. Current Assets
  35. Litigation in 2011
  36. Main focus areas of nature protection activities of JSC “RZD”
  37. Structural Reform
  38. Liquidity
  39. Innovations in Transportation Control
  40. Executive Board Members CV
  41. Suburban Passenger Traffic
  42. Transit and Import Transportation
  43. Major Transactions and Other Transactions that Must be Approved in the Same Way as Major Transactions Under the Company’s Charter
  44. Insurance
  45. Improvement in Transportation Process Performance
  46. JSC “Russian Railways” contributes to the development of the transit potential of Russia
  47. Acquisition of a major European logistic operator
  48. Sales of shares of JSC “Russian Railways” subsidiaries and affiliated companies
  49. Other Income Expenditures
  50. Operational Results of the Year
  51. General Cost Optimization
  52. Corporate university
  53. Sustainable Development
  54. Reference Information
  55. Information on the execution of orders of the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation
  56. Terms and Definitions
  57. Establishment of the Joint Transport and Logistics Company
  58. Implementation of the Bargaining Agreement
  59. Board of Directors
  60. President of JSC “Russian Railways”
  61. Cooperation with Western Rolling Stock Manufacturers
  62. Lean Manufacturing Technologies at JSC “Russian Railways”
  63. Operational threats and risks
  64. Passenger Traffic Reform
  65. Dynamics of Freight Transportation Volumes of JSC “RZD”
  66. Manpower Optimization
  67. Prevention of Illegal Interference with the Activities of the Railway Transport
  68. Technical retooling is conducted at “RZD” with regard to environmental requirements
  69. Freight Transportation Market Review
  70. Strategy of Guaranteed Safe and Secure Transportation
  71. General Meeting of Shareholders
  72. Freight Turnover
  73. Car Fleets
  74. Station Facilities: Improved Service Quality for All Categories of Passengers
  75. Infrastructure Reliability
  76. Производственный травматизм
  77. Cooperation with Railways in the “1520 Space”
  78. Strategic Priorities: Development of the Railway Infrastructure in Russia and Abroad
  79. Loading Structure by Main Freight Types
  80. Tariff regulation risks
  81. International Passenger Traffic
  82. Assurance of Stability and Financial Balance of JSC “RZD” Operations Through Cost Reduction Measures
  83. Development of logistics activities
  84. Strategic Priorities: Passenger Transportation and Services
  85. Export Freight Loading
  86. Development of International Intermodal Transportation and Passenger Traffic
  87. Analysis of Change in Average Haul
  88. Innovative Technologies in the Transportation Process
  89. Passenger Turnover
  90. Train Safety Statistics
  91. Prospective Route for Regular Piggyback Trains within the “1520 Area”
  92. Структура пригородного пассажирского комплекса
  93. Internal Passenger Traffic
  94. Traction Rolling Stock Renewal
  95. JSC “Russian Railways” investment program in 2012: new approaches to budgeting and major projects
  96. Implementation of International Projects on Infrastructure Construction
  97. Interspecific Competition in the Freight Transportation Market
  98. Investment in nature protection activities
  99. Improvement of the remuneration and incentive system
  100. Development of Infrastructure for General Use
  101. Talent pool development at JSC “RZD”
  102. Purchasing
  103. Prevention of Illegal Interference with the Activities of the Railway Transport
  104. Train Safety Statistics
  105. Legal disclaimer
  106. Youth and Health Improvement Programs
  107. Corporate Social Responsibility
  108. Housing Policy of JSC “RZD”
  109. Organization of the Management System
  110. Loan Portfolio
  111. Debt Policy
  112. Working with Rating Agencies, Investors and Analysts
  113. Financial Ratios
  114. Profitability of Activities
  115. Other Activities
  116. Leasing
  117. Expenditure Analysis
  118. Income Analysis
  119. General Financial Results
  120. Investment Activity
  121. The Federal railway transport development strategy
  122. International Activities and Implementation of Major International Projects
  123. Innovation and Technological Development of JSC “Russian Railways”
  124. Administration of Assets of JSC “Russian Railways”
  125. Review of Macroeconomic Market Indicators Influencing
    the Transportation Market
  126. Scope of Activities
  127. Performance Overview
  128. Interspecific Competition: Benefits of JSC “RZD”
  129. Cooperation with Public Authorities
  130. Corporate profile of Open Joint Stock Company “Russian Railways”
  131. Opening address of K.G. Androsov, Chairman of the Board of Directors
    of JSC “RZD”
  132. Opening address of the President of JSC “RZD” V. I. Yakunin
  133. 175th Anniversary of Russian Railways
  134. Year in Review and Key Corporate Events
  135. Taxes and Fees Payment
  136. Financial Risk Management
  137. Company Overview