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  /  Financial and Economic / Taxes and Fees

Taxes and Fees Payment

Taxes and Fees Payment

The total amount of taxes accrued for payment for 2012 amounted to RUR 250.8 bln or 93.3% with respect to the same indicator for 2011, including:

  • the federal budget — RUR 28.7 bln, an increase of 68.9% versus 2011;
  • regional and local budgets — RUR 110.4 bln, an increase of 97.4% versus 2011;
  • extrabudgetary funds — RUR 111.8 bln, an increase of 98.3% versus 2011.

Monetary funds amounting to RUR 256.4 bln to pay current taxes were transferred in 2012, including:

  • to the federal budget — RUR 30.9 bln;
  • to the budgets of constituents of the Russian Federation and municipal entities — RUR 122.1 bln;
  • to extrabudgetary funds — RUR 103.3 bln.

The amount of taxes paid in 2012 increased by RUR 6.9 bln or 3.0% compared with the amount of tax payments made in 2011.

The amount of taxes paid to the federal budget in 2012 decreased by RUR 16.1 bln or 34% compared with payments in 2011; the amount of taxes paid to regional and local budgets increased by RUR 24.3 bln or 25%; the amount of taxes paid to extrabudgetary funds decreased by RUR 1.3 bln or 1.0%.

The share of tax revenues of JSC “Russian Railways” of the Russian Federation’s budget was 1.4%.