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Technical retooling is conducted at “RZD” with regard to environmental requirements

The technical retooling program of JSC “RZD” is targeted at infrastructure reconstruction, replacement and upgrading of the hauling and rolling stock, and includes the mitigation of environmental impact:

  • during the overhaul of diesel units, outdated engines are replaced with advanced, more environmentally-friendly and low-consumption engines manufactured domestically; In 2012, outdated D-100 diesel engines on 93 diesel units were replaced with new D-49 engines. New engines reduced harmful air emissions by 5.5%;
  • the Company has switched to the new, cleaner EURO-3 standard diesel fuel;
  • during the overhaul of 3.2 th. km of track, timber sleepers were replaced with cleaner concrete ones;
  • the Company only purchases timber sleepers impregnated with eco-friendly aseptic (4 hazard class);
  • three “dry” transformers were introduced at October Railway; the se do not need transformer oil, which pollutes the environment if leaked;
  • Federal Passenger Company re-equips the passenger rolling stock with environmentally compatible closed toilets (ECT) to prevent bacterial contamination of the railroad bed and adjacent territories. In 2012, 427 ECT cars were commissioned. Today, nearly one in every three cars in operation is fitted with ECT.