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  /  Performance Overview / International Activity Projects / International Organizations Cooperation

Cooperation with International Transport Organizations

In 2012 JSC “Russian Railways” actively worked with major international intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations that define the long-term global transport development strategy.
The Holding Company also participated in both the European and Asian Regional Assembly of the International Railway Union, which are involved in activities in European and Eurasian projects.

The Holding Company participates in nearly all the working bodies of the UIC. In addition, “Russian Railways” plays an advisory role for the most important issues such as the development of international transport corridors, development of quality standards and certification, and interaction with international organizations, which deal with quality and security issues.

In 2012, under the chairmanship of JSC “Russian Railways” the UIC Global group of experts on international transport corridors (ITC) resumed its work. It is expected that the Group will develop coherent proposals to increase ITC competitiveness primarily in the Euro-Asian operating region.

Vladimir Yakunin, the first Russian Chairman of the International Railway Union

At the 81st Session of the International Union of Railways General Assembly held on 12 December 2012 in Paris, Vladimir Yakunin, President of “Russian Railways”, was unanimously elected as Chairman of the UIC for the period of 2013-2014 with the possibility of renewing his term of office for another two years. For the first time in the 90-year history of this global organization the Head of Russian Railways has become its Chairman.

Member countries of the International Railway Union

197 countries
Are members of the International Railway Union

Priority guidelines of cooperation:

  • development of interoperability of infrastructure and rolling stock
  • development of high-speed transport services
  • development of through connection passenger routes
  • coding and information technology
  • improving the functioning of passenger stations
  • introduction of modern information and satellite technologies
  • improving rail traffic safety
  • reduction of the harmful impact on the environment

In cooperation with the Organization for Cooperation between Railways (OSJD), “Russian Railways” addresses issues of updating and designing documents, which regulate various aspects of the railway transport operation.

In particular, JSC “Russian Railways” prepares proposals to revise the Agreement on International Goods Transport by Rail and the Agreement on direct International Transport of Passengers as well as basic sections of the draft Convention on International Railway Transport and all of its applications.

In 2012, with the support of the ORC, JSC “Russian Railways” used a standardized consignment notification for the first time in Eurasian rail transport.

In 2012 a significant development regarding the cooperation of the European Union’s structures on railway transport issues took place. In May 2012, as part of the Business Forum “Strategic Partnership 1520”, the Declaration on Cooperation between JSC “Russian Railways” and the European Commission was signed. One line of work which is gaining ground is the co-operation with the European Railway Agency.

In July 2012 at the initiative of JSC “Russian Railways” in Moscow, the XII annual meeting of the heads of administrations and railway companies, and the Conference “European Railways today and tomorrow: from national networks to a pan-European transport space” were held. They were attended by representatives from over 20 countries. The participants of the conference discussed, in particular, the issue of harmonization of tariffs and railway traffic systems, and the development of the rail transport strategy in the context of the globalization.

JSC “Russian Railways” was honored to present an exhibition in the European Parliament. The exhibition “Eurasian bridge, cooperation with the United Europe” was dedicated to the development of international projects promoting the integration of Russian railways with the Eurasian and international transport networks.

In addition, specialists of JSC “Russian Railways” participated in the main working bodies of the UN European Economic Commission for Europe. JSC “Russian Railways” is the only company authorized by the Government of the Russian Federation to represent the interests of the state in the UNECE and its subsidiary bodies. An important area of cooperation between “Russian Railways” and UNESCAP is the prepration of the Intergovernmental Agreement on “dry ports” transport and logistics complexes.