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  /  Sustainable Development / Youth and Health Programs

Youth and Health Improvement Programs

The Company strives to promote physical exercise and sports among its employees; it fosters a healthy lifestyle as part of the corporate culture. Support of the renowned football club “Locomotive” is only one part of the se activities.

In 2012, the Company arranged and implemented the following corporate social projects:

  • For children of JSC “RZD” employees: summer corporate camp “Roads of Future” and “Your Safety Route” program
  • For young people choosing the ir future occupation: “Company’s Open Doors” program
  • For students and young people: “RHF Network: Road, Home, Friends” project
  • For family vacation and health improvement: “Family Album” program

Currently, there are nearly 1.5 different clubs at the cultural facilities of JSC “RZD” with a membership of over 43 th. people, including nearly 26 th. railway employees and their family members.

Special attention is paid to children’s health improvement. Last year, 73.0 th. children of JSC “RZD” employees stayed at Company health resorts, including 13.3 th. children at Russia’s Black Sea coast. 8.5 th. children stayed at third party health resorts. More than 48.8 th. children stayed at 65 JSC “RZD” children recreation camps.

Professional counselors (more than 6.0 th. people) and health care providers (716 people) are employed to attend to children.

Costs to JSC “RZD” of the children’s health improvement campaign are partially compensated by regional budgets. In 2012, compensation obtained was RUR 158.4 mln.

th. people Took part in corporate social projects in 2012
th. children Stayed at 65 children recreation camps of JSC “RZD” in 2012
RUR mln Compensation of costs to JSC “RZD” of the children’s health improvement campaign from regional budgets in 2012