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  /  Performance Overview / Innovation and Technological Development  / Regular Piggyback Trains

Prospective Route for Regular Piggyback Trains within the “1520 Area”

New technical solutions to improve traffic safety and develop seamless planning form the foundation of the development of a new high-yield segment of the transportation business, in particular, piggyback transportation (rail transportation of loaded trucks).

Universal platforms for the transport of containers and trailers without restrictions throughout the “1520 area” have been designed and constructed in Russia for the first time. A pilot platform produced by OJSC Ruzkhimmash, at the request of JSC “Russian Railways” to transport containers and trailers, was launched in December 2012 at the Rizhsky station. In 2013, certification tests of the platforms will be conducted and the preparation for their mass production will begin.

Piggyback transportation has great potential for heavy traffic routes: due to faster border crossing and goods delivery, it is possible to reduce logistics costs. Moreover, piggyback transportation reduces the impact on the environment and improves transport safety.

In the European Union piggyback transportation is growing at a fast pace, representing 30% of all rail freight traffic. Development of piggyback traffic transportation is one of the priority areas of Russia’s transport policy.