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  /  Performance Overview / Traffic Safety /  Illegal Interference Prevention

Prevention of Illegal Interference with the Activities of the Railway Transport

In 2012, the number of reported cases of illegal interference with the activities of railway facilities decreased by 20% (1,702 cases versus 2,111 cases in 2011), and the number of thefts of Company property fell by 18%.

RUR 14,9 bln
allocated in 2012 to safeguard railway facilities from unlawful interference

The Federal Law On Transport Safety, Orders of the President and the Security Council of the Russian Federation require JSC Russian Railways to take measures to ensure the safety of the most important and vulnerable facilities of the transport infrastructure and vehicles, as well as crowded places at railway stations.

In 2012, over RUR 14.9 bln were allocated from the budget of JSC Russian Railways to safeguard 6,001 facilities, which exceeds the amount allocated for this purpose in 2011 by more than RUR 2.2 bln. In particular, 1,828 security posts were organized at 349 stations.

In addition, a reevalation of safety levels for relevant categories of facilities was carried out in 2012.

Preventive measures were carried out to practice the interaction between railway workers, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and private security organizations under the code name “Passenger”.

In total, 410 trainings and practices with the involvement of 4,844 railway employees were held across the railway network in 2012 according to the schedules of law enforcement bodies. According to the plans of the regional safety centers, 1,169 training courses were held at a facility level, with the involvement of 4,473 employees of JSC Russian Railways. As a result of joint activities with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 543 people were detained for various illegal actions and 213 criminal cases were initiated.

To help prevent unlawful interference with the activities of railway transport 332 videos were made for TV, 266 programs were broadcast on the radio, and 1,754 announcements were published in the mass media.

The network of the Holding Company’s representatives and missions abroad contributes to the performance of its new promising projects. In 2012, the tenth “Russian Railways” overseas representatives office was opened in the French Republic.

Transport security project

This project equips the most important railway infrastructure facilities with security equipment systems and updates previously installed ones. Activities are provided as part of the comprehensive program to ensure public safety in transport, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation.

To date, stationary multi-zone metal detectors for incoming inspection of passengers and visitors are in place at 345 railway stations. In accordance with the recommendations of the Federal Security Service of Russia, 35 stations have been equipped with non-contact zones for the inspection of passenger and their luggage – these include stations of the North Caucasus, Privolzhskaya, Moscow, North Western, Gorkovskaya and Far Eastern Railways.

The gates to Sapsan high-speed trains are equipped with up-to-date technology for inspection zones. New security technologies, controls and surveillance means have also been introduced at railway tracks as part of the project.

In 2012, four sections were equipped with engineering safeguard systems, through the establishment of guard stations and transport safety monitoring centers. Design and survey works were conducted and construction and installation works were initiated in three sections.

22 railway infrastructure facilities, including the high-speed Kolpino – Torfyanoeye section of the Oktyabrskaya Railway, were equipped with security equipment at the Holding Company’s cost.

Design and survey works for the equipment (modernization) of security equipment were carried out at 23 railway infrastructure facilities and on some sections of the Oktyabrskaya and North Caucasus Railways. The works cost RUR 864.3 mln.

Security equipment installed at the Company’s facilities helped the law enforcement authorities and security organizations to identify 497 and prevent 426 violations and accidents, detain 14,465 persons for administrative violations including 16 people who were on the wanted list, and detect 218 abandoned suspicious items.

RUR 2,4 bln
allocated for the Transport Security Project from the Federal Budget in 2012