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  /  Performance Overview / Freight Transportation / Car Fleets

Car Fleets

In 2012, the Russian freight car fleet grew 6.1% and reached its maximum level by the end of the year: 1,158.6 th. cars, including:

  • 899.3 th. cars from fleets owned by third parties;
  • 259.3 th. cars owned by “RZD” Holding Company.

The car fleet of “RZD” Holding Company decreased by 33.4%; the fleet of subsidiaries and affiliates of JSC “RZD” also decreased by 50.2%. These changes are due to the withdrawal of JSC “FFC” from the “RZD” Holding Company (car fleet — 191,191 pcs.) and CJSC “Rusagrotrans” (car fleet — 22,789 pcs.).

The car fleet of independent private companies grew 50.2% over the year; growth is reported for all car types, except for platforms.

However, the overall trends governing the Russian freight car fleet determine the growth rate of the fleet of thirdparty owners. Their priorities have remained unchanged: the fleet of open and oil cars is growing, while the number of covered cars is declining.

Russian freight car fleet in 2012
th. pcs.
Share of the freight car fleet of RZD" Holding Company in 2012

Renewal of the JSC “RZD” freight car fleet

Since 2009, cars in the Holding Company have been predominantly purchased by the Company’s affiliates, to which the rolling stock was transferred.

In 2012, JSC “RZD” subsidiaries and affiliates purchased 14,955 freight cars, including:

Open cars
Oil cars
Container platforms
Covered cars
Hopper cars
All-purpose platforms
Other types of cars