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  /  Performance Overview / Freight Transportation / Transit Transportation

Transit and Import Transportation

Import and transit transportation is a concentrated flow that mainly comes across the borders with Ukraine and Kazakhstan. They account for a considerable load on the Moscow and South-Ural Railways.

The share of import and transit transportation in the network-wide volume of transportation is quite small. In 2012, JSC “RZD” received 365 th. tons of freight a day from external railways, which is 10% higher compared to the last year and 31% (87 th. tons) higher than the pre-crisis level.

However, this freight comes via a limited number of border crossing points, mainly at borders between Russia and the Ukraine and Kazakhstan; cargo flows are mainly destined straight to or via export borders.

Transportation from Kazakhstan (208 th. tons a day) increased 3% versus 2011 and 24% versus 2007. In the main this is imported coal destined for the Sverdlovsk and South Ural Railways.

JSC “RZD” received 110 th. tons of cargo daily from the Ukrainian railways, which is 22% higher versus 2011 and 45% higher versus 2007. These are mainly construction cargoes heading for the Moscow Railway.

The fast growth of import and transit transportation and the increase in the transportation distance as a whole has led to an increase in growth of freight turnover at Russian railways.