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  /  Sustainable Development / Youth policy

Youth policy

Youth policy

Today, one in every three employees of JSC “RZD” is from the younger generation. We offer opportunities for fast professional and personal development and career growth in one of the country’s largest and most progressive companies.

Today, JSC “RZD” employs more than 269 th. young people. In 2012 alone, the Company recruited 7,219 young people. Nearly 66 th. young people are managers or specialists and account for 24.4% of these positions.

The target program “Youth of JSC “RZD” has been developed to attract and retain young employees — the Company’s strategic asset. During the seven years of its implementation, the number of Company employees aged under 30 has increased from 19.0% to 28.6%.

Young people are involved in the performance of corporate tasks. For example, members of “Team 2030”, a corporate club that unites the most promising and self-motivated young employees, develop projects of various complexity in a number of the Company’s key areas of activity.

“New Link”, a youth contest for innovative projects (held since 2008), promotes the development of innovative way of thinking. In 2012, 1,488 projects from 2,850 contestants were submitted in the contest. 7,400 young employees have taken part in the contest since its establishment. More than 200 out of 3,400 projects submitted received organizational and financial support from the Company’s management. Owners of the winning projects have been given internships in the leading railway companies of Germany, Spain and France.

On the other hand, more than 50 young railway men from 16 countries of Europe and Asia took part in the international section of the VI Youth Rally of JSC “RZD”. Rally participants developed a roadmap for future transport systems until 2050 and submitted it to the Company’s management.

For more details on the youth policy of JSC “RZD”, see the annual news bulletin at www.rzd.ru.