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  /  Development Strategy / Development Prospects

Development Prospects


The priority consists in taking a new trajectory for the development of JSC “Russian Railways”. The following measures should ensure greater efficiency and competitiveness in the segments of freight and passenger transport:
Development and renewal of assets
Increase in the quality of service for customers
Developing the transit potential of Russia
Increase the efficiency of the Holding Company
Development and renewal of assets while preserving the unity of infrastructure and transportation activities, and ensuring the interests of the state Key assets:
  • railways infrastructure;
  • station facilities arrangement;
  • fleet of mainline and shunting locomotives.
  • upd ate and develop the loading and unloading equipment fleet and warehousing facilities of freight yards; se t up new terminal and logistics facilities;
  • modernize and develop station sales offices and other commercial infrastructures;
  • extend the functionality of electronic systems for customer services;
  • acquire assets of logistics and freight forwarding services;
  • implement projects to develop the freight business abroad, develop terminals in ports, expand railway ferry transportation etc.

The performance of these tasks requires an increase in investment opportunities of the Holding Company.

Increase in the quality of service for customers and improvement of their satisfaction with the level of services; development of new products to meet demand for the geographic and product diversification of the business Tasks in the freight segment:
  • offer integrated transport and logistics services in “door to door” transportation while building up cooperation with automotive transport enterprises and updating the truck fleet of the Holding Company;
  • expand the network of terminals, freight yards, and warehouse complexes of A and B classes at major commercial sites;
  • develop the business of operating access roads for major enterprises in order to optimize a single technological process to develop a core network;
  • develop a railway ferry service in certain areas of international transport;
  • ensure the growth of containerization, testing the introduction of a piggyback transportation service.
Tasks in the passenger traffic segment:
  • ensure the comprehensive development of passenger traffic on the basis of the state obligation for socially important passenger transport and in the view of the strengthening interspecific competition;
  • develop fast and high-speed passenger traffic for passengers between major urban agglomerations in Russia.
Developing the transit potential of Russia and the deep integration of Russian railways into the global transport system Tasks:
  • use the opportunities of the Common Economic Space, Customs Union and Eurasian Union, Railway Transport Council of the CIS;
  • expand the geographic presence of the “Russian Railways” Group in international infrastructure markets;
  • develop competencies in the field of design and construction of railway transport facilities, and promote these type of services abroad;
  • expand strategic cooperation with partners in the Asia-Pacific region in the field of railway transport, logistics and implementation of joint investment projects;
  • strengthen the role of the Holding Company “Russian Railways” in the activities of international intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations using the chairmanship of the International Union of Railways.
Increase the efficiency of the Holding Company: improving the strategic management system and building up profitability Management tasks:
  • improve the strategic management of the Holding Company as a vertically integrated system;
  • create the best possible interaction between the Holding Company’s integrated components.
Task of building the profitability of the business:
  • increase the efficiency of infrastructure usage through the introduction of a single network technological process;
  • optimize the work of all departments and entities
  • of the Holding Company and transportation technologies;
  • increase profitability and reduce transportation costs in strict compliance with the parameters to reduce the accident rate;
  • use lean manufacturing and quality management tools to optimize the utilization of resources;
  • introduce innovative technical and technological solutions, optimize and automate processes;
  • seek to optimize the tariff policy and switch to the long-term tariff regulation for railway transportation.
Tasks of the human relations policy:
  • introduce a competence-based approach;
  • offer a competitive salary and develop social programs to attract the best talent from the human resources market.