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  /  Performance Overview / International Activity Projects / International Projects Implementation

Implementation of International Projects on Infrastructure Construction

JSC “Russian Railways” has considerable experience in implementing major infrastructure projects in Russia and intends to participate actively in international tenders related to the development of the railway system. In 2012 the specialized company “Russian Railways- International” was set up to manage such projects.

Major infrastructure projects of “Russian Railways” outside Russia

IRAN. Electrification of the Tabriz — Azarshahr railway line

Projects to electrify the Tabriz — Azarshahr railway line (about 46 km in length) and to construct five railway stations were carried out. The Iranian project partners highly appreciated the results of the work on this project. JSC “Russian Railways” has put forward proposals to consider its participation in new projects on electrification and railway station construction in Iran.

Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine. Project to create a new Eurasian transport corridor

The project to create a new Eurasian transport corridor would extend the “1520” gauge railroad from Kosice (Slovakia Republic) to the city of Bratislava, with access to the city of Vienna, as well as establish an international logistics center in the Vienna-Bratislava area. The project is implemented by JSC "Russian Railways“in cooperation with the railway administrations of the Ukraine, Slovakia and Austria.

DPRK. Reconstruction of railway road and setting up of terminal

At the end of 2012 the reconstruction of the Hasan (RF) — Tuman (DPRK) — Rajin (DPRK) — Rajin (portside) line was completed, and work to set up a terminal in the port of Rajin started.

Participation in the reform of the Greek railways

A number of business meetings and negotiations have been held to consider the reform and to increase the efficiency of railway transport in Greece.

The Republic of Abkhazia

JSC “Russian Railways” is contracted to carry out repair works on Abkhaz railroads and to supply equipment.

Cooperation with JSC “Railways Serbia”

In March 2012 JSC “Russian Railways” and JSC “Railways Serbia” signed the “General agreement on the implementation of the projects in the field of railway transport”. In addition to participation of “Russian Railways” in infrastructure projects, the Holding Company will supply “Metrovagonmash” diesel trains for the needs of “Serbian Railways”. The projects are implemented on the basis of export credit in the amount of US $800 m provided to Serbia by the Russian Federation. The single contract for the projects has been agreed and initialed by the parties.

The Republic of Armenia. Implementation of Concession agreement

The concession agreement between the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Armenia, “South Caucasian Railways” and JSC “Russian Railways” was signed on 13 February 2008. As part of the agreement in 2012 JSC “Russian Railways” carried out the construction of the Zamanlinsky bridge.

Libya. Renewal of projects under consideration

In collaboration with the relevant Russian agencies and the Government of the Russian Federation the restarting of the project to construct the Sirte — Benghazi railway line is being considered. Corresponding proposals to start negotiations to develop a coherent action plan have been sent to the Ministry of Railway Transport of Libya.

Promising projects

JSC “Russian Railways” is considering projects to build railway infrastructures in Indonesia, India, and Ethiopia. Corresponding Memorandums of Understanding have been signed with representatives of these countries.

An interest in working with the Holding Company on the development and reconstruction of national railway infrastructures was presented by Nicaragua, Ecuador, Namibia, Kuwait, Jordan and Vietnam.