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  /  Company Overview / Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators of JSC “RZD” in 2010-2012

In 2012, JSC “Russian Railways” improved its results against its most important performance indicators and implemented all investment programs whilst preserving financial stability.

Operating income of JSC “RZD” in 2012
1,366.0 RUR bln
Annual increase in operating income was RUR 77.7 bln (+6.0% versus last year).
Earnings before interest, depreciation, taxes and amortization (EBITDA)
RUR bln In 2011, this figure was lower (RUR 271.4 bln). However, the net profit of JSC “RZD” at the end of 2012 reduced by RUR 2.7 bln, compared with the previous year, mainly due to tariff regulation activities in the rail transport industry.
Net asset value of JSC “RZD” as of 31 December 2012
3,488.9 RUR bln
Annual increase in net asset value was RUR 121.3 bln (+3.5%). The total value of net assets of the companies whose shares and stocks are owned by “RZD” Holding Company is close to RUR 500 bln.

Key Performance Indicators of JSC “RZD” in 2010-2012.

Of employees are engaged in cost-saving activities at JSC “RZD”
The company is the largest commercial employer in Russia
Increase in labour efficiency in 2012
Economically sustainable relationship between the growth rate in labour efficiency and wages is retained
Increase in employees’ real earnings
Real increase in average monthly wages is 7.6% (up to RUR 36,124)

Interactive analysis

Net profit in 2012
14.1 RUR bln
Net profit decreased by RUR 2.7 bln compared to 2011
Dividend distributed at the end of 2011
4.2 RUR bln
100% of JSC “RZD” shares are owned by the state
Taxes paid to budgets at all levels in 2012
256 RUR bln
JSC “RZD” is the largest corporate taxpayer in Russia