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  /  Sustainable Development / Environmental protection and resource saving / Nature Protection Investment

Investment in nature protection activities

In 2012, JSC “RZD” invested RUR 2.4 bln in activities directly related to environmental protection or those with an environmental component.

The majority of investment is made in the following projects: “Environmental safety assurance” and “Introduction of resource-saving technologies in rail transport”.

In 2012, the level of investment in the project “Environmental safety assurance” was RUR 711.3 mln. These funds were allocated to construct and reconstruct 19 environmentally protected sites and to survey 20 environmentally protected sites. 70 units of nature protection and laboratory equipment and devices were supplied to branches of JSC “RZD”. Six mobile (vehicle-based) environmental laboratories with a full set of measuring equipment were acquired.

In 2012 1,527 activities with an environmental component at branches of JSC “RZD” were carried out as part of the investment project “Introduction of resource-saving technologies in rail transport”. They included: 1,197 activities aimed at saving diesel fuel for hauling operations, 131 activities to save fuel and energy resources, 199 activities to introduce LED equipment.

From 2003 to 2012 inclusive, the Company invested RUR 4.7 bln in the “Environmental safety assurance” project. 124 environmentally protected sites were constructed and reconstructed, more than 700 units of nature protection equipment and more than 1,000 units of facilities and equipment for oil spill response were installed. Environmental laboratories received more than 750 units of laboratory equipment and devices. JSC “RZD” has 56 fixed-site laboratories, 11 track test cars with an onboard set of analytical equipment, 62 vehicle-based laboratories and 81 rolling stock environmental control stations. All laboratories of JSC “RZD” are accredited.

In 2012, JSC “RZD” environmental protection costs were RUR 2.9 bln. In 2013, no less than RUR 2.9 bln will be spent on investment in projects, of which no less than RUR 0.5 bln will be spent on environmental protection.