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  /  Performance Overview / Innovation and Technological Development

Innovation and Technological Development of JSC “Russian Railways”

In 2012, we successfully progressed a number of projects from the Innovative Development Program. First of all, we would like to highlight the advanced technology transfer projects: the creation of a world-class rolling stock, the introduction of new transportation control technologies, and the development of energy saving technologies.

JSC “Russian Railways”’ Global Advanced Technology Priorities:

  • Gas turbine locomotive fueled by compressed natural gas
  • Digital train operational and technological communication system
  • Large-scale traffic management technologies based on intelligent systems using passenger and freight traffic forecasts and technological process integration
  • Decision support system for life cycle management (URRAN)
  • Station safety technology based on digital models and satellite navigation (MALS)
  • Train separation control system based on the integrated use of track circuits, satellite navigation, local and distributed digital channel
Russian Railways’ annual costs for R&D
0.4% of revenues
JSC “Russian Railways” is one of few Russian Companies, whose R&D expenditures are comparable to those of its foreign competitors.