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  /  Development Strategy / Strategy Key Trends / Strategy Transportation and Logistics

Strategic Priorities: Transportation and Logistics

Strategic Priorities: Transportation and Logistics

The Holding Company will create and introduce a “door-to-door” format for freight transportation. The range of proposed logistics services will expand consistently.

The logistics business is synergistic with other target businesses of the Holding Company JSC “Russian Railways” — freight transportation and services.

The transformation of JSC “Russian Railways” from a major carrier company to the major provider of transport and logistics services will create a basis to attract additional customers and develop new services.

By targeting new market segments to complement and enhance the traditional transportation business, it will be possible to create growth points in related, highly profitable segments. Increased profits resulting from these developments can be used for other purposes such as the financing of investment in the railways, and in the infrastructure development.

Our expectations:

  • strengthening the influence of the Holding Company “Russian Railways” in the global market of transport and logistics services due to growth of transit freight transportation, including along the East-West transcontinental corridor and container transit. Containerization of railway transportation in the country should increase from 1.9% to 8%;
  • expanding its presence in Europe, Asia and Latin America the Holding Company “Russian Railways” will be able to provide transport and logistics services for Russian companies around the world;
  • successfully developing its own business in Russia and abroad, given the unique combination of the infrastructure opportunities of the Holding Company and the GEFCO modern IT-platform.