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  /  Development Strategy / Investment Activity / Investment Projects

JSC “Russian Railways” Investment Projects

Investment Budget for 2012, RUR bln

Additional Resources Allocated as a Result of the Budget Revision

RUR bln
Traction rolling stock update
RUR bln
Railroad reconstruction

The following projects costs have been increased:

  • Overall reconstruction of the Mga-Gatchina-Weimar-Ivangorod section and rail road approaches to ports on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland “(RUR 4.3 bln);
  • “Infrastructure of the suburban passenger complex” (RUR 4.8 bln);
  • “Track complex structure renovation (RUR 1.3 bln);
  • “Construction and reconstruction of artificial facilities” (RUR 0.7 bln);
  • “The development of the Tobolsk, Surgut line section” (RUR 0.5 bln).

On 8 November 2012 the Government of the Russian Federation considered and generally endorsed the investment program and financial plan of JSC “Russian Railways” in 2013 and for the period up to 2015.

The investment budget for 2013 exceeds RUR 400 bln, and for the next three years it exceeds RUR 1 trillion. The funds will be allocated to develop the railway infrastructure, improve traffic safety, increase transport accessibility for the country’s population and modernize rolling stock.

Implementation of the Investment Program for 2004–2012, in rur bln

Other Articles

75.5 RUR bln
Rolling stock update

Implementation of the JSC “Russian Railways” Investment Budget in 2012, RUR bln

Section 2012
2011 Plan Outcome
Total, Including 395.04 481.6 480.1
Projects related to the implementation of the orders of the Government of the Russian Federation 72.6 73.2 73.4
Safety of lives and the technological stability of the production process 75.6 67.9 66.9
Removal of infrastructure constraints 14.0 178.5 178.1
Increase in transport accessibility to the citizens of the country 18.8 36.5 36.3
Rolling stock update 66.4 75.6 75.5
Others 19.0 49.8 49.8

Investment Projects Related to the Implementation of the Orders of the Government of the Russian Federation

1 Organization of intermodal passenger transportation at Vladivostok — Airport “Vladivostok” Task: Transport support for the APEC Summit in Vladivostok
RUR 1.5 bln Costs in 2012 Implementation: “Aeroexpress” trains launched; journey time of 48 min including three intermediate stops
2 Creation of a fundamentally new Intermodal transport interchange node in Kazan Task: Transport support for the XXVII World Summer Universiade in Kazan
RUR 7.5 bln Costs in 2012 Implementation: Station complex launched; completed reconstruction of the Kazan — Tikhoretskaya — Airport section; built the “Aeroexpress” terminal with train approaches at the Kazan international airport.
3 Combined (road and rail) road Adler — mountain resort “Alpika-Service” Task: Transport support for the XXII Winter Olympic Games
RUR 57.9 bln Costs in 2012 Implementation: Station complex launched; completed reconstruction of the Kazan — Tikhoretskaya — Airport section; built the “Aeroexpress” terminal with train approaches at the Kazan international airport.
4 Facilities and infrastructure safety measures Task: Preparation for the XXII Winter Olympic Games
RUR 1.3 bln Costs in 2012 Implementation: Design work completed; specialized equipment partially purchased; construction work started.
5 Launch of intermodal transportation on the Sochi — Adler — Sochi Airport route Task: Transport support for the XXII Winter Olympic Games
RUR 0.9 bln Costs in 2012 Implementation: Electric trains traffic open on the Sochi — Adler — Sochi Airport route. Project completed.
6 Strengthening the infrastructure of the Tuapse-Adler Line railway Goal: Gradual increase in line capacity
RUR 1.4 bln Costs in 2012 Implementation: The project is completed. The total length of the second track is 30.3 km.
7 Organization of freight yards Goal>: Ensuring the construction of the Olympic Games
RUR 2.0 bln Costs in 2012 Achieved: “Sochi” and “Russian Agricultural Academy” freight yards put into operation, equipped with appliances and staff.
8 Reconstruction of railway terminals in Sochi, Dagomys Macesta, Hosta Goal: Transport support for the XXII Winter Olympic Games
RUR 0.7 bln Costs in 2012 Achieved: Four terminal and hospitality areas at the Dagomis, Sochi, Macesta, Hosta stations adapted for use by disabled persons; created “barrier-free” Wednesday.
9 Organization of transport junctions Goal:Transport support for the XXII Winter Olympic Games
RUR 0.2 bln Costs in 2012 Achieved: The development of design estimates for TPU “Sochi”, “Host”, “Macesta.” Ongoing.

In 2012, JSC “Russian Railways” invested RUR 66.9 bln in projects related to the security of human life and the technological stability of the production process.

These projects improve transport, fire and traffic safety. Moreover, on the basis of these resources of JSC “Russian Railways” civil defense facilities are built , and the throughput capacity of the railways is maintained or improved.

Costs of projects to remove infrastructure constraints amounted to RUR 178.1 bln

The main part of projects related to the increase in throughput capacity of railways is in the areas of the major Russian ports. This category also includes projects to construct additional main lines, lengthen station receiving-departure tracks and develop railway hubs, and pre-works. The same category included a significant amount of work performed in relation to projects to reconstruct railways in five regions of Russia.

Investment Projects Related to the Implementation of the Orders of the Government of the Russian Federation

10 Comprehensive reconstruction of the Mga — Gatchina — Weimar — Ivangorod line section and approaches to ports on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland Goal: Expand the access to the port of Ust-Luga in accordance with the forecasted increase in traffic volume.
RUR 19.4 bln Costs in 2012 Achieved: The connecting railroads in the Luga Node (11.5 km) become operational. The reconstruction of the port stations (with the exception of Art. Mha) was completed. A new route to Art. Oil-Luga and Luga-South (total length 27.2 km) was added. 32.1 km of permanent routes were econstructed. Four platforms were built. Mini technical checkup point for locomotives at the station Luzhskaya-Neftyanaya were introduced, etc.
11 Reconstruction of the freight track on the Creeks — Petyayarvi — Kamennogorsk — Vyborg line section Goal: Organization of fast passenger traffic on the St. Petersburg — Buslovskaya (the border with Finland) line section
RUR 5.5 bln Costs in 2012 Achieved: The reconstruction of the Vyborg — Kamenogorsk, Pine —Petyayarvi sections; the reconstruction of the Vyborg junction with an extension of receiving departure routes, and the Kamennogorsk station.
12 Comprehensive reconstruction of the Trubnaya — V. Baskunchak — Aksaraiskaya line section Goal: Expanding the capabilities to deliver freight to ports on the Caspian Sea, the southern regions of Russia and Kazakhstan.
RUR 1.0 bln Costs in 2012 Achieved: The fourth stage of the construction of Trubnaya — Zaplavnoe and the third stage of Zaplavnoe — Lenin’s was put into operation. The second main track (excluding the continuous welded rail device) on the Pipe — Zaplavnoe section was completed.
13 Comprehensive reconstruction of the Gorky — Kotelnikovo — Tikhoretskaya —Crimean line section, bypassing the Krasnodar hub Goal: Expanding the approaches to the ports of the Azov-Black Sea transport hub, optimizing the Krasnodar transport hub
RUR 6.5 bln Costs in 2012 Achieved: 28.2 km of the second track on the railroad hauls Polivyansky — Razvilnaya (10.9 km), Angelynskaya — Poltava (17.3 km) and the traction substation Remontnaya were put into operation.
14 Development of the Tobolsk — Surgut line section Goal: Increasing the throughput and carrying capacity of the line section.
RUR 4.0 bln Costs in 2012 Achieved: Continuous welded device on the Karmishev — Chumbulut (12.96 km) railway haul and the second railroad of the Tugun — Nelym (13.16 km) were put into operation.
15 Comprehensive reconstruction of the Krimskaya — Zabaikalsk line section Goal: Expanding the approaches to the Zabaykalsk border station due to the expected increase in freight traffic.
RUR 9.5 bln Costs in 2012 Achieved: The Tin — Borza section (99.3 km) was electrified; the first major railroad hauls Sherlovaya — Zun-Torey, Tin — Jasnogorsk, Peace — Bezrechnaya were reconstructed; a part of art. Yasnaya was rebuilt; art. Karymskaya (stage two, fire safety arrangements) were developed.
16 Construction of the new Kuznetsk tunnel Goal: Increasing the capacity of the BAM section.
RUR 4.7 bln Costs in 2012 Achieved: The Kuznetsovsky tunnel was put into operation, work on the track road and railway track was carried out, electric power transmission line was put into operation.
17 Comprehensive development of the Mezhdurechensk — Tayshet line section of the Krasnoyarsk railway Goal: Improving transport links between the Krasnoyarsk region and Khakassia, and the conditions for freight transit from the Kemerovo region to the East of the country and to the ports of the Far East due to the expected increase in freight traffic.
RUR 2.2 bln. Costs in 2012 Achieved: Documentation for the facilities designed and estimated.

Investment Projects to Increase the Transport Accessibility for the Country’s Population

The organization of passenger traffic on the Moscow Railway Smaller Ring (MRSR) is one of the major projects of JSC “Russian Railways” to develop the infrastructure of the Moscow railway hub. By 2015, the 54 km of interurban railway will be adapted for high-speed passenger traffic. The MRSR will have 31 stops, including 19 transport connection junctions (on the subway and radial railroads). The scope of mobility is estimated at 100 pairs of trains per day at intervals during “peak times” of up to five minutes.

It is expected that the carrying capacity of the MRSR will reach about 280 million passengers by 2015.

At the same time, in order to support this flow, JSC “Russian Railroads” is investing in the throughput capacity of the radial railways and implementing projects to provide transport support for the “Skolkovo” innovation center, Domodedovo airport, the “Russia” park in the urban district of Domodedovo, and the project of the Moscow Railroad Greater Ring.

Financial support for the projects comes from the Ministry of Transport (federal budget), the Government of Moscow (city budget) and “Russian Railways”. Since a significant portion of the MRSR infrastructure is already built, its investment efficiency is four times higher than for the construction of a new metro line with comparable passenger flow.

18 Development of the Moscow transport junction Goal: By 2020, the new passenger system of the Moscow railway hub must ensure the transportation of 1 billion passengers per year and improve the transport accessibility to the airports of the Moscow aviation hub.
Accelerated traffic of electric trains between Moscow and its satellite cities will significantly reduce the burden on the suburban railway system. Travel time will be decreased, and the conditions for the passengers will become more comfortable.
RUR 14.5 bln Costs in 2012 Achieved:
  • the Domodedovo — Airport line section has been reconstructed and additional main railways built;
  • work on the MRSR (the project);
  • work on the organization of high-speed trains on the Moscow — Novoperedelkino line section (draft);
  • accelerated traffic on the Moscow — Usovo route has been organized;
  • the comprehensive reconstruction of 81 km of the Dmitrov — Iksha-Povarovo section of the Moscow railway has been carried out;
  • additional main railway tracks on the Worker’s village — Odintsovo line section of the
  • Moscow railway and on the Moscow — Krukovo line section have been built;
  • a correction to the project on the Khimki — Sheremetyevo railway line has been made;
  • the fourth main track of the Moscow-Passenger — Paveletskaya — Domodedovo line section is under construction.
Project works: development of design and estimates documentation, basic data collection, and construction and installation works.