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  /  Development Strategy / Transport Development Strategy

The Federal railway transport development strategy

The Federal railway transport
development strategy
  • The main objectives of the Strategy:
  • To create an integral transport space in Russia on the basis of well-balanced priority development of the effective transport infrastructure
  • To ensure availability and quality of transport and logistics services in freight transportation to satisfy the need of the country’s economic development
  • To ensure availability and quality of public transportation services in line with social standards
  • To integrate into the global transport space, to realize the country’s transit potential
  • To improve the safety of the transportation system
  • To reduce the negative impact of the transportation system on the environment

The reform’s objective is a qualitative upgrade of the transport system, the development of the transit potential of the country and the creation of necessary conditions for growth in key sectors of the national economy.

The State’s main objective for transport operation and development is to create conditions for economic growth, to increase the competitiveness of the national economy and living standards ensuring availability to safe and quality transportation services and turning Russia’s geographic peculiarities into its competitive advantage. The strategic goal of the development of the transportation system is to satisfy the needs of the socially oriented economic development for competitive and quality transportation services.

This strategic goal will be achieved through effective development of the competitive environment, creation of adequate reserves for the infrastructure development, achievement of the advanced level of technological development, focus on social and environmental factors, improvement of the country’s transport-depending national security and economic safety.