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  /  Sustainable Development / Personnel management / Corporate University

Corporate university

The JSC “RZD” Corporate University, established in 2010, has become a key element of the extended corporate business education system.

In 2012, various educational programs at the Corporate University were taken by 5,736 managers of JSC “RZD”, including 746 managers at university branches.

The obligatory training program lasts 1.5 years. In addition to the obligatory program, trainees may apply to the Corporate University for detailed individual development of certain corporate competences.

The Corporate University does not only train JSC “RZD” employees. It also develops new effective personnel development technologies based on the best global practices. Strategically important activities include projects on performance reviews, personnel training and development and knowledge management.

In 2012 approaches were refined to implement the target business model of the University’s co-operation with the HR function: “Corporate University as an HR partner”.

In 2012, the Corporate University:

  • set up branches in St. Petersburg and Samara;
  • assessed the level of corporate competences of 1,619 trainees of the JSC “RZD” President;
  • trained 1,540 managers of the JSC “RZD” President and 1,723 managers of directors of JSC “RZD” departments under the “Corporate leader” program; 2,425 “Corporate leader” program trainees started to implement Individual Development Plans (IDP) as part of the automated individual development management system;
  • designed 38 distant courses targeted at corporate competence development;
  • arranged two-day individual development programs following personal IDP requests from 220 trainees;
  • at the request of functional units, arranged special-purpose training programs for 2,253 people;
  • fulfilled the first external order from SUE “Moscow Metro” for the training of 132 managers.