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  /  Sustainable Development / Personnel management / Manpower optimization

Manpower Optimization

In 2012 manpower optimization and labor productivity improvement programs were introduced for each branch, linked to the targets of the “RZD” Holding Company strategy development until 2015.

Optimization opportunities are created by improving business processes and work methods and introducing advanced labor management practices, namely: reduction of intrashift losses, “condensed” labor hours, decrease in low-load inefficient workplaces and multi-skilling. The parameters of the approved programs were considered in unit budgets for 2012 and will be taken into account in future budgets.

The programs are proving to be effective. For example, in 2012, staff on the payroll of JSC “RZD” working in transportation decreased by 12.4 th. people (−1.6% year-on-year). This reduction had virtually no impact on employees directly involved in transportation assurance and train traffic safety.