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International Passenger Traffic

International Passenger Traffic

JSC “Russian Railways” is one of the leading carriers in the “1520 area”

In addition, Russian railways carry passengers on 39 international routes (both direct and transit) in 19 European and Asian countries that are outside the “1520 area”. They include: European countries — Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Monaco, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Finland, France, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Montenegro and Switzerland; and Asian countries — China, Mongolia and North Korea.

International trains and through passenger cars are maintained by Russian railways, as well as by the railways of Poland, Finland, Mongolia, China, and North Korea.

In 2012, at the initiative of the Federal Passenger Company (a subsidiary of JSC “Russian Railways”), a new international passenger route was opened: Petrozavodsk — Joensuu (Finland).

In March 2012, at the suggestion of the UK Guild of Travel and Tourism, the Federal Passenger Company presented the long-term projects of JSC “Russian Railways”’ international routes in the Chamber of Lords of the British Parliament.