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  /  Sustainable Development / Environmental protection and resource saving

Environmental protection and resource saving

Environmental protection and resource saving

The environmental strategy of JSC “RZD” provides for the 35% reduction of adverse effect on the environment by 2015 and by 70% reduction by 2013.

  • Environmental policy of JSC “RZD”
  • In transportation, the Company strives to use technologies with the least environmental impact
  • During the decision-making process to upgrade the railway and rolling stock infrastructure and renew rolling stock, the Company takes into consideration environmental factors and compliance with environmental requirements
  • Environmental factors are taken into account in the Company’s managerial decision-making

Railway is one of the most environmentally-friendly means of transport. In Russia, its benefits are particularly obvious, as more than 85% of cargo and 80% of passengers are transported by electric traction, which prevents harmful air emissions and reduces soil pollution with heavy metals. Nevertheless, the Company sees significant opportunities to mitigate further the environmental impact of its economic activities.

The environmental strategy of JSC “RZD” approved in 2009 provides for the introduction of resource-saving and nature protection activities, technical retooling, use of ecologically-sound materials, a decrease in energy intensity of transportation and an increase in environmental safety in production.

The strategy is being implemented through the nature protection management system, industryspecific environmental programs and investment projects. Top-priority projects aim to eliminate the most important environmental issues and yield the maximum return on each rouble invested.

In 2012, JSC “RZD” was awarded the Honorary Diploma “Leader of nature protection activities in Russia-2012” and became a prize winner of the National Environmental Award “Crystal Noosphere”, in the category “Innovative Eco-Efficient Technologies”.

Key indicators of nature protection activities of JSC “RZD”

In 2012, with a 4.4% increase in cargo turnover, the Company’s branches have achieved:

Reduction in harmful air emissions from fixed sources
Increase in waste neutralization and use in processes
Reduction in the discharge of pollutant effluents into water bodies

Implementation of the Environmental policy of JSC “RZD”. Results achieved in 2012 (compared to the baseline 2007 year):

Decrease in harmful air emissions from fixed sources
Decrease in greenhouse gas emissions
Decrease in discharge of pollutant effluents into water bodies
Reduced waste generation